Game Of Thrones Character Test

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It is in difficult choices where character is both formed and revealed. This test will present you with 16 scenarios with difficult choices designed to reveal your character. Read each scenario and choose the option that best matches how you would decide to act given the circumstances. The scenarios refer to familiar titles and places but should not be thought of in terms of current characters or situations. Think of them as having occurred 100 years in the past. At the end, your responses will be assessed and a report will be generated. The report will contain one primary character and two secondary characters from the Game Of Thrones universe that you are most similar to. You'll be able to share your report on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. You can also share this test by clicking on one of these share buttons. <div id="share-buttons"><a id='facebook' href="" target="_blank"><img src="resfiles/facebook.png" alt="Facebook" /></a><a id='twitter' href=" Of Thrones Character Test&hashtags=gameofthrones" target="_blank"><img src="resfiles/twitter.png" alt="Twitter" /></a><a id='googleplus' href="" target="_blank"><img src="resfiles/google.png" alt="Google" /></a><a id='reddit' href=";title=Game Of Thrones Character Test" target="_blank"><img src="resfiles/reddit.png" alt="Reddit" /></a><a id='stumbleupon' href=";title=Game of Thrones Character Test" target="_blank"><img src="resfiles/stumbleupon.png" alt="StumbleUpon" /></a><a id='tumblr' href=";name=Game of Thrones Character Test&hashtags=simplesharebuttons" target="_blank"><img src="resfiles/tumblr.png" alt="Tumblr" /></a></div>

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